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Tours from Runaway Bay to Luminous Lagoon
Adult To and from Luminous LagoonKids 3 to 11 Year OldReserve Now
1$100 Add $25 per child
2$150 Add $25 per child
3$175 Add $25 per child
4$220 Add $25 per child
5 or moreAdd $40 extra per person Add $25 per child
Luminous Lagoon Tour from Runaway Bay /Private Transportation Service/admission/Tour Guide/Complimentary Drink

What is included.

  • Private Transportation
  • Boat ride on the Lagoon
  • Guided Tour on the Luminous Bay
  • Complimentary drink
  • Your driver and vehicle do not leave you

Luminous Lagoon Tours from Runaway hotels are made easy by us. Runaway Bay is located approximately 40 minutes east of the Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth Jamaica. There are three major hotels in the Runaway Bay area and we certainly service all of them including small guest houses and Villas.

Your Jamaica vacation will not be completed without a tour to the Luminous Lagoon. This is almost a once in a lifetime chance to experience these fantastic phenomena. There is no better tour in Jamaica than the Luminous Lagoon Excursions. It is fun, surreal, and yet scientific at the same time adventurous.

It is a body of water which is home to millions of microorganisms called dinoflagellates. Whenever the water is agitated by anything causing a ripple the water glows. This can be caused by the boat propeller, fish swimming or even visitors who are on tour swimming in the Lagoon enjoying this unique occasion.

Book your exclusive tour from your hotel in Runaway Bay to the Luminous Lagoon with us and enjoy our high quality private transportation service. Our rates are low and service is impeccable.

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