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Luminous Lagoon Lagoon Tour Falmouth Jamaica
Adult PassengersTo and from the Luminous LagoonKids 3 to 11 years oldReserve Now
1$70$25 each
2$100$25 each
3$140$25 each
4 or morePlease add $35 per person$25 each
Private transportation service from Falmouth Hotels to the Luminous Lagoon

What is included.

  • Private Transportation to and from the Luminous Lagoon
  • Admission
  • Complimentary Drink
  • Boat Ride/Guide on the Lagoon
  • Swim and Glow in the Lagoon

Enjoy Luminous Tours from Falmouth. Visitors to Jamaica who are staying in any of the Falmouth Hotels are in a great position to experience the Luminous Lagoon. The Luminous Lagoon is a body of water where millions of organisms call home. Whenever the water is disturbing by any form of ripple it lights up. It is said that there are only 4 locations like this in the entire world and the one here is Jamaica is the brightest of them all.

Currently there are 4 major hotels in this area namely; Royalton Blue Waters, Royalton White Sands, Excellence Oyster Bay and Ocean Coral Springs/ Ocean Eden Bay Hotels

Book your Luminous Lagoon Tour from Falmouth with us and enjoy our private transportation service which is totally affordable.  Once arrived at the location your driver will get you situated while you sip on the complimentary drink and enjoy the live show before boarding your boat for the Grand Finale.